Quadriga: Bloodshed in Egypt – No Way Out?

Deutsche Welle TV, Quadriga, 15. August 2013

Moves by Egypt’s military government to clear protest camps set up by the Muslim Brotherhood have turned violent, with hundreds of people reported killed or injured. The conflict between the army and the Brotherhood has heated up dramatically. Said Samir, Ahmed Badawi and Jan Kuhlmann on the situation in Egypt.

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Quadriga: After the Coup – Egypt on the Brink

Deutsche Welle TV, Quadriga, 11. Juli 2013

Opponents of the ousted Egyptian president Muhammad Mursi are celebrating the military coup. Mursi’s supporters – first and foremost the Muslim Brotherhood – feel they have been cheated of their electoral victory. Tom Goeller, Jan Kuhlmann and Hamed Abdel-Samad discuss the situation.

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Quadriga: Egypt’s thwarted democracy

Deutsche Welle TV, Quadriga, 28. Juni 2013

The democratic experiment in Egypt seems to be on the brink of failure. One year after Mohammad Morsi was sworn in as president, massive protests by the opposition are expected this sunday. Ebtisam Aly Hussein, Ahmed Badawi and Jan Kuhlmann on the political situation in Egypt before the anniversary.

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«Egypt heading towards fundamentalism?»

Deutsche Welle TV, Quadriga, 16. August 2012

Als Gast in der Talk-Sendung «Quadriga» im Programm der Deutschen Welle. Thema: «Morsi takes control – Egypt heading towards fundamentalism?». Außerdem in der Runde: Hamed Abdel-Samad und Ahmed Badawi

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«Syriens Regierung will Zeit gewinnen»

Deutsche Welle TV (arabisch), Presseclub, 3. November 2011

Als Gast in der Sendung «Presseclub» im arabischen Programm der Deutschen Welle. Themen: die Intiative der Arabischen Liga für Syrien und die Aufnahme Palästinas in die UNESCO.

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«Israel hat die USA brüskiert»

Deutsche Welle TV, Quadriga, 19. März 2010

Als Gast in der Talk-Sendung «Quadriga» im Programm der Deutschen Welle. Thema: Israels Siedlungspolitik.

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